New year, New Format #44

Sending out a new newsletter to let you know I am switching to a new newsletter platform called Substack and an overview of platforms I have used so far for those who are interested.

The good news is that the archives contain all the previous newsletters in case you want to go review older versions. You’ll find the January newsletter here!

The next newsletter will be in February - thanks for sharing with someone who is looking for a job in Galway. If there is anything you would like to contribute or maybe you want to advertise, please contact me

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One of the reasons that I started a newsletter was:

  • Back in 2017, I initially started with a Facebook page and posted jobs I saw advertised in Galway City - I came to realize that the info is so fleeting, I thought it was better to group it in a newsletter( I was publishing weekly at the time)

  • To find a platform to share my knowledge and insights about the Galway Job market for those that aren’t familiar with Galway ( Blow - ins, Newcomers, Returnees) and also keep track of the ever changing Galway Job Market!

  • To find out if I could get people to subscribe to my newsletter via Social Media (Facebook -Twitter ) only — the answer is yes, all nearly 500 of you did!

  • The type of newsletter platforms there are available( preferably free of charge), how they work, what features they have.

  • Improve my writing and research skills!

The Newsletter Journey

  1. TinyLetter - Free ( Max 5000 Subscribers)

    I started out with TinyLetter ( very easy to use) - it’s actually packed with features such as able to comment on newsletters which others didn’t have. I had not outgrown the maximum subscribers but was keen to find out what I was “missing” from the big provider every body knows… turns out I wasn’t really missing that much!

  2. Mailchimp-Free (up to 2000 Subscribers)

    Next up I moved to Mailchimp as wanted to learn how to use MailChimp. I have noticed they have a number of new features such as landing pages, I may still revisit another time! The feature I ( probably) liked best was the ability to resend the newsletter to those that had not opened. If they didn’t open the email second time around, I would give them one last chance and then remove them from the list.

  3. GetRevue - Free ( up to 50 subscribers)

    One of the reasons I moved to GetRevue was that it had the all-important GetPocket integration for articles I saved. Once they were saved in GetPocket I could simply drag them into the Newsletter and make the insert look pretty. ( I haven’t really seen any other platform enabling the pretty factor)

  4. SubStack - Free

    Fast Forward to 2021 ( I started in 2017) and have just under 500 subscribers! Thank you so much for subscribing! I have been looking for an alternative to GetPocket, to keep track of ideas, social media articles, and generally to get organized, and have started to use Bublup. (< If you click on the link you and I will get 1 extra GB of storage on the free plan ). As there is no integration with GetRevue, I have decided to continue on SubStack. There is also the option to publish a paying newsletter, which I may look into later.

    I hope to make this a little bit more interactive, and hope you’ll comment below!

    Yours in jobhunting,