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First I’ll give you a quick overview of the (devastating) impact Covid-19 has had on employment in Ireland, figures from the CSO (Central Statistics Office)

Secondly some interesting developments worldwide on the concept of Office Space!

Thirdly I’ll list a brief overview of job announcements in Galway I have come across this year. At the very bottom, you’ll find the usual job resources. ( If you know of another resource, please reply to this Issue)

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For next year, I am hoping to repeat the series I did when I started the newsletter 2 years ago, focussing on the various employment sectors in Galway with (updated)maps, collaborate with these companies to hear what type of talent they are looking for and hopefully share some tips!

I am a big fan of upskilling/reskilling, there is a lot on offer, however, there isn’t one place to find it all, so I will try to dive deeper into each, in the hope, it will help someone in their career journey!

Covid-19 Effect on Job market

Oh boy .. what a year…2020 –the year of extremes–… from pretty much full employment in January to unemployment rates at 21% in November. Okay, the 21% also includes those on a PUP payment( including students, including those who were made redundant )

March 12th will be one of those days I’ll never forget, I was in the office, watching a Facebook Live broadcast when Leo Varadkar ( the then Taoiseach) announced all schools to close and office workers to work from home where possible.

Interesting developments & Where is your office?

One full lockdown, one shorter 6-week level 5 restrictions later, many people’s lives have been rocked due to being furloughed and for some redundancy ( including myself), the employment scene has changed beyond belief.

On the upside, we have all come to appreciate the outdoors much more and taken up cycling! Join a group I set up to explore safe cycle Trails called Gort Cycle Trails.

Working from home is becoming the norm, recruitment is fully remote, and interestingly enough companies in Ireland are reviewing if they really need all that office space. Equally, hotels are innovating and turning hotel rooms into office spaces.

In the USA, large corporations in Silicon Valley are upping sticks and moving to Austin, Texas. Imagine the difference an exodus to Galway would make if just one large company moved to rural Galway.. we have plenty of space for them in Athenry?

Google abandoning a new Dublin office signals change

When Google announced last month it was pulling the plug on a lease for a new office space in Dublin, Ireland, it set off alarm bells.


Oracle is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas - the latest tech giant to flee the tech capital for the Southern state

After over four decades, Oracle is moving its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas.


Why your next office could be a hotel room

The hotel industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and may not recover for years (even if there is a vaccine). At the same time, many believe that remote working is here to stay.


So what's happening in Galway

For the first time in a long time, there are cranes towering over certain parts in Galway, working hard to create - you guessed it - office space, to accommodate a number of new job announcements - some of them not in the city .Check out below video !

Bonham Quay, Galway

Bonham Quay is a mixed-use project comprising 32,175 sqm of Grade A office space, 2,000 sqm of retail and restaurant space. The office development is designed as four office blocks alongside two public squares that all connect via landscape bridges.


Plans for new tech hub in Galway City with 350 co-working spaces – Connacht Tribune – Galway City Tribune:

From this week’s Galway City Tribune – Ambitious plans by the PorterShed technology hub will see the creation of office space for 350 people on Market Street in the city.


US software company Diligent to create over 200 jobs in Galway

US software company Diligent is to create more than 200 jobs in Galway with the opening of a new European hub.


40 new jobs to be created at Spiddal Medtech company following sizable investment

Spiddal Job Announcement


CitySwift announces 50 additional jobs for Galway

CitySwift, the Galway-based transport data company transforming the operations and passenger experience of public transport, has announced 50 roles to be hired in Galway over the next year in addition to 15 existing roles being hired for. The job creation is being supported by Enterprise Ireland


Globalization Partners Establishes European Headquarters in Galway

Globalization Partners Globalization Partners Announces Plans to Hire as it Establishes European Headquarters in Galway. Eliminate the hurdles that come with onboarding and managing a global workforce.


Bia Innovator Campus – A transformational infrastructure for Food Enterprise in the West of Ireland

This facility will really help to develop new food products, innovation and jobs in Athenry.


Fidelty Investments creating 100 new jobs in Galway and Dublin

Financial services firm Fidelity Investments is creating 100 new jobs in Galway and Dublin as part of an expansion of its Irish operations.


Animation studio Triggerfish to set up in Galway

South African animation studio Triggerfish has said it will set up its first international studio in Galway, creating 60 jobs.


New jobs for region as location in Midlands chosen for Ireland's first plastic bottle recycling plant

I know, this isn’t in Co. Galway, however I think it’s such an interesting project, I thought I’d include it, as people will travel for the right opportunity. A location in the Midlands has been chosen as the county to have Ireland’s first dedicated plastic bottle recycling factory. Waste management company Panda have signed an agreement to construct Ireland’s first dedicated bottle to bottle plastic recycling facility in Portlaoise.


Other Resources

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May 2021 bring you joy, health, love, friendship and a new job in Galway if that’s what you are looking for!

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By Katleen Bell-Bonjean

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